Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora!

I enjoy the fact that my professional life is punctuated by new beginnings every few months. Each semester promises a new tableau of faces and perspectives against which my successes and failures will play out. This sort of continual change suits me well. At times, I’ve had difficulty in maintaining close relationships over long periods of time, but I thrive in new and uncertain social situations. It brings out the adaptive, improvisational, relatable parts of myself that are positively magnetic.

It should go without saying that there’s a slight period of adjustment at the beginning of any new semester. I teach a lot of classes, eight this semester, and I have a variety of other self-imposed obligations to balance. That explains why I haven’t posted in a while. It takes a few weeks to learn the routine. There’s no obligation this semester to which that adjustment period applies to better than my fitness course.

Starting last summer, I’ve made a concerted effort to work a sort of fitness activity into my weekly schedule. I have a sedentary occupation, which involves a great deal of sitting on my b.w.a. I’m also not the healthiest eater, so it’s important that I do something to resist my body’s genetic tendency towards being “big and tall.”

 You’re not going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.

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