Bio: I’m a middle-aged adjunct college instructor, born in Oklahoma and currently living in Oklahoma City. This blog consists of a series of personal narrative reflections on a variety of topics. All of them are long-winded. Some of them aren’t terrible.

What’s up with the name?: Dissimulation is the practice of concealing one’s true abilities through deception, so as to surprise an opponent. I’m not so manipulative that I’d run around deceiving everyone, as the blog title might suggest. I do, however, believe that we’re all wearing masks most of our lives. Instead of wearing a mask that overstates one’s abilities or qualities, it seems to me that the better course of action is to undersell one’s true capabilities. In that way, surprise is always an ally. In that way, one can dwell in the limitless opportunity of being not yet in full bloom. I liked the way that thought unfolded in my mind, so I selected dissimulationism as the title.

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